Wednesday, September 28, 2011

John's grandma was a cool lady.

So one of the guys at work wanted to get a tattoo in memory of his grandma who lost her battle with cancer. He was close to her and told me about this one thing she used to say all the time, "you can't win for losing." He wanted that translated into a tattoo somehow and this is what we came up with. He said it had to be purple, her favorite color and the ribbon should be crocheted, since that's what she did to take her mind off things when it got bad. He originally wanted the lettering to be a cursive or script, but I broke out the old Rope font and it worked as a perfect yarn substitute. I will give myself some latitude regarding the linework on the knitting needles; it was his first tattoo and hard to keep him in one place. Not an excuse, but I still feel weird about restraining someone while doing linework. I need to get over that. Regardless, everyone liked it and I think his grandma would be happy with it.

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