Monday, June 28, 2010

Last Post From San Antonio For Awhile...

So I'm leaving to the Greyhound Depot in about 15 minutes. Did a couple tattoos last night I want to share before I hit the road. I'll be gone till the middle of August, then back for 10 days, then gone again and back for good at the end of September. Hit me up by phone, email, or Facebook to start scheduling appoitments for either my 10 days here in August or my actual return in September. Thanks to all that have let me tattoo them. It really is a great honor to touch someone's life in a permanent way. Most of the tattooers I know have forgotten this. Or worse, pretend to believe it but really don't give a shit. Well, without delay...those pics:
An homage on the hand;

And a flamingo in front of The Flamingo for Go-Go Chere Raquel:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On that midnight train to Georgia.....

So as many of you know I'll be leaving for a few months to help out my dad in GA. I have a couple of pics for today, but, once again, I have done plenty of bitching tattoos that I didn't snap pics of. I finally got to finish Tiffany's arm, tying the whole thing together with, what else, stars and dots. Well like I said, gonna be gone awhile, but not forgotten, I'm sure. I'm trying to get a spot while I'm there working with an artist I've been following and this is the perfect opportunity to learn. So, without further a do; the pics.
A lamp with no genie:
and a tiny ass shark:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Damn, Sorry Guys.....

So it's been a while since I've posted anything here. Not my fault. Trust me, I have been tattooing my ass off. But being really busy and in demand has it's drawbacks and one of them is not being able to grab the camera when there are four people in line to get tattooed. I am so grateful to my balls for being huge enough to leave the safety and security (ahem) of my former shop and strike out on my own. I have achieved so much more success both in business and in life once I dropped the anchor of negative people and a negative place in my life. I am actually able to develop a style that I can call my own and a loyal clientele that are booking me up solid three and four days out. I remember when I was amazed that my old boss couldn't keep his appointments straight and missed some or forgot some. But I am starting to understand that with a strong name and portfolio comes the inability to keep all those ducks in a row. I feel like I need an assistant or something. Not an apprentice; I am in no position to teach anyone anything. Just someone I can tattoo for free and help me out a little. But that's just me getting ahead of myself....again. So here's the deal: I have to leave town for a bit to help my dad out with a few things in the shining state of Georgia. I'll be back mid August for a bit then gone again. I'll be back for good at the end of September. I have a guest spot at a shop there lined up and will be saving all the money I make to hopefully open my own legitimate shop here once I return. Right now its just an idea, and it's just a legit spot for me to work in, not a full-fledged tattoo factory. So wish me luck and I'll return soon. Until then, stay classy San Antonio; I'll be back. As always.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


So updates, updates, updates! This week I got to do some really fun tattoos, of course, and also got to hear a little shop talk. Some of my work did reach local artist eyes and word is I'm approved to work in at least three shops in town. But why would I want to ever do that again? Let me for someone else, give them half my money, have to charge everyone twice as much to make the same amount of money, still have to buy all my own supplies, and have to deal with more drama than a Mexican soap opera? No thank you. It is tremendously gratifying to know I have offers to work with good local artists, but I think rogue is the place for me for now. They are still talking nonsense at my old shop and it's been almost 6 months since I checked out of there. Well, thanks for listening, kiddos, and here's some tattoos:

First up a healed pic of Wally's skate rose. I love how it healed up super bright and really soft in the rose. Enjoy:
Next a Mahi Mahi on one of the twins. I'd tell you which one, but if you know them, you already know which one it is. This one was super fun since it is a very identifiable fish and if you've ever seen one you will know exactly what this tattoo is of. Enjoy:

Third is a little more serious. These are variations on the traditional Japanese Luck Cats. I made them a little fancier, per request, to celebrate the life of a dear friend of the collectors' who is no longer with us. Long live the Fancy Cats!
And last, but not least is the Electric Cobra. Nothing else needs to be said. It's a motherfucking Electric Cobra!

Thanks to all that have been getting tattooed. I know this time of every one's life isn't the easiest and spending money on luxury things like tattoos is a difficult choice. But before you go out and spend a bill at the bar on Saturday night just remember this: Tattoos are the only thing money can buy that lasts forever and that no one can take from you.

Hooligan Dave