Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally get to do something cool....

So I finally got to throw something down that I was pretty excited about: a bobcat. For some reason my brother is convinced that bobcats are the actual rulers of the universe and one day they will take their rightful place as such and enslave or eat all humans. I can't disagree with him. So instead we tattooed a bobcat on his forearm so when it happens, he'll be first in line to be saved as a pet or some such other menial (but alive) job in the new bobcat-centric world. But I digress. I also got to do a GIANT tribal (I know, I know) shoulder/arm piece on a dude for his first tattoo. Regardless of the subject, anyone who sits for that long that well deserves to be at least mentioned, even if I'm not posting a pic because all the ones I got sucked. So without further ado; Bobcat:

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